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I wrote this piece in mid-2020, a few months before Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. That game sheds new light on the direct ancestry of the crusade-era of Assassins, and warrants discussion.

Bells ring over ambling alleyways and thoroughfares; smoke rises from rooftops; the golden domes of Jerusalem shine dully in the evening sun as hawkers, thieves and beggars wander the streets. A lone warrior-monk, masquerading as a clergyman, prowls in plain sight, watching his prey amble towards their death, by his hand.

If you squint, you can still see the ambition of Assassin’s Creed, raw and sprawling, looking not to be…

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Gibson is my very favourite author. It’s no small disappointment to find he has written his first dud.

His plots tend to follow a pattern. They go something like this: 2–3 characters in quotidian, somewhat disadvantaged walks of life are derailed from everyday affairs by a technological disruption in the world. They each have an adventure, each of which is narrated largely through conversation (often over coffee or breakfast) with copious (and delightful) descriptions of their surroundings. Gradually, the big disruptive event alters the characters’ orbits until they collide together, culminating in a brief, electric and narratively confusing action sequence…

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Praise be to NVIDIA’s Geforce Now, which allows us Mac nerds to dabble in full-fat Windows gaming without using a PC. For a while, before streaming gaming was consumer-ready, I was happy to boot into Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro with a custom-wired NVIDA eGPU. I felt like a hacker. The games looked great. But then my expensive GPU card became obsolete, and more crucially, Apple stopped signing NVIDIA drivers for macOS, making my eGPU suitable only for when I didn’t need my Mac as a Mac.

Enter GFN, which for me garnered, on first use, a genuine “holy shit!”…

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